This is a 1 1/2 Hour Seminar

Why It’s So Great  –  Why It’s So Difficult

Couple relationships often start out so magically and wonderfully romantic But … why do so many couple relationships go sour?  Why doesn’t the magic and happiness last?  The Lutheran Counseling Center is offering a number of workshops for understanding and improving couple relationships, introducing Imago Relationships skills, with a spiritual – Biblical perspective.

IMAGO offers couples a way through the romantic and power-struggle stages towards a deeply connected and intimate relationship.  It offers relationship skills for overcoming defensive reactivity and entering into compassionate and understanding dialogue with your partner, working together toward personal healing and growth.  For couples who have a good relationship Imago offers insight and help to make it even better.

These workshops are for couples or interested singles.  They combine spiritual and psychological perspectives to help participants better understand the value, difficulty and potential of couple relationships, and begin to learn connecting relationship skills.