Our professional staff offers seminars on a variety of issues.  Format and content is available either as a ready-made package or customized to meet your specific needs.

Some of our more popular offerings are listed here.


A Matter of Life or Death
Suicide Prevention and Intervention

Mental Health and The Church’s Mission
Creating a healthier approach to this age-old stigma

Drawing Closer to God in an Age of Anxiety
Stress and worry do not have to be insurmountable barriers

The Mystery of Marriage
Why its so great – Why it’s so difficult

The Sandwich Generation
How to Survive While Being Caught “In the Middle”

How to respond when your child is affected

Meeting Children’s Emotional Needs After Trauma
The Calm after the Storm

Parenting Teens
Maintaining effective communication at a difficult age
What to do when your teen/preteen slams the door in your face

Caregiving – Coping with the Challenges
Coping with the Challenge while Caring for Yourself

Resolving Conflict and Managing Stress
Conflict resolution while minimizing stress

Staff Safety and Effectiveness When Working With Children 
Critical Issues for every Adult who works with Children

“Counselor in Residence” Program
Counselors for Assemblies, Gatherings, Retreats, Conferences

Time Management Tips
Getting through your Day while Keeping your Sanity intact

Coping with Stress and Avoiding Burnout
Keeping the Fire Lit